Top Online Carnatic Music Classes With Certifications

Everything You Need To Know About Taking Online Carnatic Music Classes
Carnatic music also known as Kāṭhmarāṣṭra music, is a kind of music that stretches back thousands of years ago, and is still widely performed and studied today. Though it is primarily associated with the southern states of India, Carnatic music has also been exported around the world and has even been adapted for use in other genres, such as film and pop music.
Carnatic music is generally categorized as north Indian music or south Indian music, depending on its geographical origin

Origin of Carnatic Music

The word Carnatic was derived from the Latin word “Caro”, meaning a courtly dance. It is the music of the region of Kāṭhmarāḍha, also known as Tamil Nadu, in India.

Carnatic Music is the oldest surviving classical music tradition in India and is based on the traditions of the Indian classical music traditions of music education and music theory that were passed on from masters to disciples for thousands of years.

Today, the best-known performances of Carnatic music are in the form of classical concerts and other performances such as Carnatica and Kāmilatino songs.

Carnatic music style
Carnatic music has evolved and expanded over time, and today it has a wide repertoire of material, including both Classical and Contemporary compositions.
If you want to learn Carnatic music, but don’t know where to begin, you need not fret as we’ve got you covered in this article.
Right in this post, you will discover the best Carnatic Music certificate courses online to learn and master Carnatic music, and also get certificated in the process.

Best Online Carnatic Music Classes With Certifications

The following are paid courses to take carnatic music lessons from top online learning websites and they also come with certifications.

carnatic music courses

1. Carnatic Music For Beginners By Shruti Sharma

As the name suggests, this course is targeted at those who are just starting Carnatic music training and it is a great course for learning all the basics of Carnatic. At the time of writing this article, the course has been enrolled by over 480 students and amassed a rating of 4.3/5 from 63 total ratings.

What is included in this course

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